Engineering, Construction & Operations

Fuel project profitability and performance with our engineering and construction business software

In a well managed manner increasingly complex and capital-intensive projects. Leverage our engineering and construction project management software to boost profit margins, drive efficient financial management, and accelerate operating processes.
  • Run on-time, on-budget project performance
  • Improve productivity of project resources, including materials, equipment, and labor
  • Reduce operational and financial risk to increase stakeholder value
  • Interact, develop, and retain the best workforce
  • Take control of project and corporate finances
  • Potentialize relationships with sub contractors and suppliers

Business Development

Grab new opportunities,boost up sales force productivity and empower customer relationships, along with better account, contact, and opportunity management.
  • Maintain and upgrade quotation and contract management
  • Improve business planning and forecast accuracy
  • Create authenticate and competitive proposals

Commercial Real Estate Management

Improve each aspect of your commercial real estate management operation from construction to utilization.
  • Improve visibility and transparency in your portfolio
  • Through accurate analysis and forecasting execute all the strategies speedy and efficiently
  • Improve tenant satisfaction using automated processes and proactive lease management

Design and Engineering

To support all your design and engineering processes we manage and implement design documents and engineering descriptions.
  • Maintain design information in whole project lifecycle
  • Improve design information for changes in all processes
  • By using accurate tracking of design and engineering progress we provide fast delivery services

Building Information Modeling and Estimating

Synchronize project planning and execution from cost estimation and modeling to subcontractor management when performing CAD design data.
  • Maintain arroyo in design and execution process
  • Provide efficient quality in estimating and bidding
  • Decrease excessive change order expense
  • Focus on one model and eliminate data redundancy

Project Management

From planning, forecasting, and execution drive your project management process for project-based procurement and change management.
  • Quickly produce efficient schedules
  • Increase decision making with real-time access to vital information
  • Increase revenue with highly efficient invoice processing techniques

Financial Performance

Overcome your financial targets.Enhance strategy development and execution, align your resources, and leverage cost and profitability analysis.
  • Take accurate insight into costing
  • Improve planning and forecasting
  • Produce effective and faster decisions with real-time,contextual insights

Insight and Analytics

Execute querying, reporting, dashboarding and analytics on a single BI platform transforming data from heterogeneous sources into contextual insights.
  • Explore and report your current projected cash position
  • Measure liquidity indicators against your financial plan
  • Provide job material requirements
  • Visualize tough data to accelerate decision making

Subcontractor Management

Globally manage sub contractors by connecting supplier management, sourcing, contracts, and operational procurement processes.
  • Rationalize suppliers and improves savings
  • Analyze contract value through transparency and compliance
  • Minify lead times with agile sourcing

Sourcing, Supplier, and Materials Management

Enhance your margins by connecting spend analysis to on-demand strategic sourcing, contract management, and operational procurement.
  • Achieve real-time insight into spending with comprehensive spend analytics
  • Focus on visibility of material supply to the construction site
  • Track materials from requisition to final installation

Equipment and Tool Management

Take the maximum value from your construction equipment with improved processes from deployment and scheduling to maintenance, billing, and settlement.
  • Increase availability and tracking of equipment
  • achieve visibility of TCO and return on assets
  • Mitigate equipment stock with improved planning
  • Increase equipment and tool capacity utilization

Workforce Management

Be confirm the right people are assigned to the right project at the right time. Turn your construction workforce deployment into a valuable competitive edge.
  • Accommodate resource management with project planning
  • Visualize your global resource requirements in real time
  • Assign the right talent to the right projects
  • Determine spaces between project demand and resource supply

Facility Services and Operations

Increase all aspects of your asset management from work procedures to shutdown planning to reduce downtime, save money, and enhance service.
  • Decrease resource consumption and equipment downtime
  • Control maintenance spend
  • Replenish parts quickly and accurately
  • Shorten cycle times for service delivery

EC&O Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Get along your business with confidence. Leverage our flexible, scalable, and affordable business management software with built-in EC&O industry best practices.
  • Streamline project, document, and product data management
  • Enhance margins with better sourcing and procurement
  • Assure traceability, environmental compliance, and quality management
  • Increase logistics and inventory management
  • Run better financial reporting and controls
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