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Multichannel Sales and Revenue Management

Line up global account management, marketing, and sales operations to drive revenue with end-to-end cross-functional processes.
  • Overcome goals and objectives by strategically aligning sales and marketing resources
  • Take quick buying decisions by streamlining selling processes across channels
  • Improve order accuracy to reduce costs and retain empowered customers

Rights and Royalty Management

Control and monetize digital content, centralize rights-related processes across departments, and reduce data fragmentation.
  • Clarify contracting, rights usage reporting, and settlement of fee and royalty payments
  • Control intellectual property assets and rights across the global enterprise
  • Control licensing and merchandising to optimize content use

Consume to Cash

Monitor services by facilitating pricing, rating, revenue sharing, and balance management. Plus, support major processes with billing and invoicing scenarios.
  • Achieve unique speed to market and business flexibility to better handle emerging services
  • Improve financials, controls, cash flow, and revenue recognition
  • Control multi sided business models, including app stores, SaaS, M2M, MVNO, and partner content

Demand and Supply Planning

Balance demand and supply plans and quickly respond to network events with integrated, end-to-end planning processes.
  • Coordinate POS purchases, promotions, forecasts, orders, and other indicators to predict demand
  • Assume and respond to replenishment and distribution plans
  • Develop sales and operations inputs to profitably balance supply and demand across the network

Response Management

Provide effective response to changes in your supply network, quickly determine the impact of unexpected events and be better equipped to reduce risk.
  • Coordinate plans on the fly with strategies that target fixed-material, short-term operations
  • Compile customer demand and re-allocate supply using flexible rules
  • Develop optimal plans using what-if simulations and impact analysis

Outsourced Manufacturing

Provide effective response to rapid changes in demand across a network of plants, outsourced manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Identify and source production requirements across internal and external sites
  • Use a seamless, integrated process to schedule, dispatch, and execute on the plant floor
  • Orchestrate responsive execution of outsourced manufacturing
  • Diminish manufacturing and supply lead times without increasing procurement costs

Product Development

Link all product development processes from design to manufacturing and production ramp-up to reduce time to profit.
  • Quickly manufacture and optimize production through collaborative development
  • Leverage compliant product and process traceability
  • Improve lead time, improve vendor screening, and maintain production standards
  • Determine manufacturing problems early and get quick feedback on planned changes to maintain quality

Product Compliance

Assure the safety and environmental performance of your products to optimize marketability and minimize noncompliance risk.
  • Implement safe, green products with appropriate documentation, registration, and labeling
  • Develop products using supplies and materials that adhere to compliance standards
  • Allow product restrictions, recycling targets, and incident reports to maintain compliance

Product Innovation

Harmonize your strategy with product and project execution to maintain an innovation pipeline that ensures competitive differentiation.
  • Optimize market visibility and responsiveness to consumer needs
  • Allow best-practice product innovation with open-concept development and effective IP management
  • Assure end-to-end coordination of projects and resources
  • Manage and report on product performance for efficient portfolio management

Align your plants and enterprise for efficient manufacturing

Accommodate your manufacturing with the rest of your enterprise and manage complex interdependencies. Our comprehensive solution for manufacturing operations can help you drive down costs, improve quality, and increase responsiveness.
  • Harmonize manufacturing with planning, scheduling, maintenance, risk, and quality management
  • Run insights at the point of need by aggregating operational, maintenance, and planning data
  • Receive leading quality and safety indicators with integrated operating data and maintenance systems

Manufacturing Operations

Comply quickly to customer changes, eliminate wasteful activities, and foster complete customer satisfaction with integrated manufacturing processes.
  • Arrange global operations and planning with local execution
  • Improve plant-level operations with integrated planning and scheduling practices
  • Accommodate manufacturing controls with industry processes and standards

Drive smart decisions using informed spend analytics

Delegate spend reductions and operational efficiencies while maintaining high standards of performance. Our procurement management applications give you full visibility into expenditures, helping you drive better-informed supply decisions and manage risk.
  • Globalize your sourcing and spend management for greater visibility and cost savings
  • Control risk and improve supplier engagement with more insight into performance
  • Improve productivity with standardized processes, best practices, and shorter cycle times
  • Automate governance and compliance enforcing contract terms,maintainability requirements, and more


Leverage automated, self-service procurement and assure contract and policy compliance to reduce cost and mitigate supply risk.
  • Accommodate and standardize your entire procure-to-pay process
  • Simplify and automate your operational procurement process
  • Automate source-of-supply determination

Sourcing and Contract Management

Centralize sourcing and contract management to ensure compliance and reduce cost. Plus, minimize supply risk and error with collaborative supplier management.
  • Accommodate suppliers into the procurement cycle and automate processes
  • Offer a supplier on-boarding process that includes a staging area for qualification
  • Examine supplier performance and initiate quality improvement measures

Discover the keys to stellar service

Delegate service excellence with quick issue resolution, profitable interactions, and streamlined processes. Exceed customer expectations and drive revenue through your service interactions and operations with service software designed for industries of any size.
  • Enhance first contact resolution (FCR) rate
  • Increase cross-sell, up-sell, and bundling revenue
  • Improve resource utilization

Service Parts Planning and Logistics

Strike the right balance between parts inventory and customer service levels with greater visibility across the entire service-parts supply chain.
  • Develop the optimal strategy to have the right part at the right time at the right location
  • Mitigate transportation costs with a balanced inventory plan and efficient distribution network
  • Improve parts allocation based on real-time visibility into internal and external demand
  • Simplify collaboration with customers and the supplier ecosystem

Field Service, Warranty, and Returns

Control all field service operations from ordering to scheduling to parts provisioning. Optimize your use of field technicians while meeting and enforcing SLAs.
  • Simplify field service processes and give personnel easy access to order information
  • Improve workforce scheduling with integrated, best-of-breed resource planning capabilities
  • Control spare parts for optimal availability and give field personnel access to van inventory

Achieve superior financial performance in a world of accelerating change

Leverage your resources, people, and technology to drive financial excellence in the face of a challenging economy and regulatory landscape. No matter how complex your high-tech organization, our complete end-to-end financial management solutions help you manage every aspect of your financial health.
  • Simplify processes to save costs
  • Control liquidity and cash
  • Improve the accuracy of your cash flow projections
  • Close your books quickly and accurately
  • Mitigate the costs of managing risk and compliance
  • Focus on opportunities and adapt quickly to change

Drive efficiency and performance with support from your IT infrastructure

Connect every area of your high-tech organization for greater control and efficiency. With WTM ERP software solutions, you can adapt to shifting business demands and technology changes without compromising the integrity of your data.
  • Explore operations based on large volumes of detailed information
  • Gain secure access to business processes anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • Develop, compose, and adapt processes that address your customers' and employees' unique needs
  • Adapt to accelerating change, and manage your IT infrastructure in an integrated manner

Your workforce is a valuable asset in this changing market

Your employees are expected to provide ever greater levels of productivity and results. However, only an innovative workforce can achieve that.
  • Renumeration and train the best talent faster
  • Provide effective HR metrics to monitor and manage workforce performance
  • Leverage your best people when and where you need them by managing your workforce in real time
  • Determine workforce trends at an early stage to predict workforce demands
  • Allow your workforce with easy access to business content, applications, and services
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