Higher Education and Research

Boost your financial health with our financial management software for higher education & research

Leverage your resources, educators, staff, and technology to improve financial excellence in the face of a challenging economic and regulatory landscape. No matter how complex your institution, our financial management software for higher education and research organizations can help you better manage every aspect of your financial health.
  • Streamline your financial processes to save costs
  • Increase financial performance by better managing liquidity and cash
  • Improve the accuracy of your cash flow projections
  • Mitigate the costs of managing risk and compliance
  • Focus on opportunities and adapt quickly to change

Our HR management software for higher education & research

Our human resources (HR) software for the Higher Education and Research industry can help you Increase student services.

Drive efficiency and performance in higher education & research with WTM ERP's IT management software

Link every area of your university or institution for greater control and efficiency. With our IT management software for higher education and research institutions, you can adapt to shifting business demands and technology changes without comprising the integrity of your data.
  • Determine operations based on large volumes of detailed information
  • Gain secure access to business processes anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • Develop,compose, and adapt processes that address educator, staff, and unique constituent needs

Make effective purchasing decisions with our procurement software for higher education & research

Mitigate spend and boost operational efficiencies while maintaining high standards of research and academic performance. Our procurement software for higher education and research can give you full visibility into expenditures, helping you drive well-informed supply decisions and better manage risk.
  • Globalize your sourcing and spend management for greater visibility and cost savings
  • Control risk and improve supplier engagement with increased insight into performance
  • Increase productivity with standardized processes, best practices, and shorter cycle times
  • Automate governance and compliance to enforce contract terms and maintainability requirements

Develop maintainability a key part of your higher education & research operations with WTM ERP software

Your maintainability initiatives can do more than reduce your environmental impact they can protect your reputation and improve your revenues. Our maintainability software for higher education and research institutions can help you track your progress, communicate performance, and achieve your maintainability goals.
  • Map and mitigate energy consumption across your organization
  • Control your environmental compliance and related risk
  • Fulfill staff and research safety requirements
  • Leverage comprehensive analytics to optimize stakeholder reporting
  • Run effective portfolio and performance management processes
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