Move at the pace of change and boost profitability with our solutions for the media industry

Gain the speed, flexibility, and insights you need to outmaneuver the competition. Our solutions for the media industry can help support and streamline your critical business processes, deliver targeted products and services and improve efficiencies across your digital supply chain.
  • Tap into real-time consumer insights with powerful analytics
  • Increase time to market with personalized,innovative offerings
  • Target niche groups and create new revenue streams
  • Enhance revenue from intellectual property(IP)rights and royalties
  • Accommodate supply chain management with financial performance

Financial Performance Management

Increase forecast accuracy, accelerate decision making and boost agility for improved overall financial performance.
  • Arrange strategy execution throughout the organization
  • Decrease inefficient and time-consuming planning cycles
  • Improve market, channel, and customer profitability

Content to Cash

Facilitate complex processes to facilitate innovation and automate the delivery and billing of customized services for faster content-to-cash.
  • Update pricing and contract terms to quickly seize new market opportunities
  • Fulfill customer expectations for customized content delivery and pricing
  • Cost-effectively track and rate usage events in real time
  • Efficiently manage individual customer wallets
  • Scale the business to future high transaction volume capabilities

Flexible Pricing and Packaging of Digital Services

Develop your speed to market with new, flexible offerings and high performance usage rating and charging.
  • Gain flexible customization options for multiple subscription schemes
  • Cost-effectively trace and rate usage events in real time
  • Automate management of individual customer wallets
  • Leverage high transaction volume capabilities
  • Accommodate seamlessly with billing and finance

Newspaper and Magazine Subscription Management

Determine, attract, and retain profitable subscribers with flexible pricing, cross-media bundling, and effective up-selling.
  • Control all subscriptions from renewals to customer service on a single platform
  • Increase distribution logistics for faster, more reliable delivery of publications
  • Leverage integrated support for handling ad inserts, market coverage, and delivery
  • Gain real-time insights into customer standings and receivables

Premium Content Subscription

Improve content revenue and improve fulfillment with connected processes across your publishing departments.
  • Hold in profitable customers with flexible product bundling and pricing
  • Mitigate transactional costs for processing orders, subscriptions, and invoices
  • Allow key measurements for comprehensive subscriber lifetime analytics

Digital Asset Management for Media and Entertainment

Get the right audience with the right content at the right time with innovative and profitable digital asset management.
  • Generate revenue opportunities into cash by reducing time-to-market for new offerings
  • Improve content profitability by packaging and reusing assets
  • Mitigate costs to support new distribution channels and devices
  • Save investments through scalability, extensibility, and openness
  • Fulfill regulations by avoiding rights violations

Intellectual Property License Sales

Improve content revenues from new digital channels through better visibility into assets and sales opportunities.
  • Allocate rights to products on a granular basis
  • Achieve global visibility across rights owned and product availability with a single system
  • Fulfill it easy for sales to package content for distribution through multiple channels
  • Increase reaction time with real-time profitability information
  • Accommodate with financial for automated tracking and settlement of royalties

Press Distribution

Run on-time transfer and optimized information streams to your POS and publishers with our press distribution software.
  • Adjust processes that align title management, collaborative planning, and fulfillment execution
  • Accommodate contract and returns management to boost sales efficiency
  • Achieve visibility into POS and run title analyses to provide sales with current data

Advertising Sales for Publishers

Improve revenue and deliver higher customer value through cross-media offerings.
  • Control multiple advertising mediums on a single platform
  • Gain 360-degree visibility into all aspects of business relationships
  • Leverage comprehensive tools to better manage contracts, billing, and settlement
  • Gain real-time insights into customer standings and receivables
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