Public Sector

Improve public sector efficiency with software from WTM ERP

Improve government programs, policy, and operational performance. Our public sector software solutions can help you increase operational and fiscal efficiency and facilitate citizen collaboration - all while managing security threats with integrated, secure information sharing.
  • Meet government and regulatory compliance
  • Increase revenues and reduce operating costs
  • Provide comprehensive performance analytics
  • Streamline collaboration across government agencies
  • Interact with citizens across multiple communications channels

Grantee Management

Support the full spectrum of grant processes, while improving access to grant services and reducing the complexity and cost of the grant environment.
  • Facilitate pre-award and post-award processes
  • Provide budget integration with funds management
  • Offer full reporting capabilities

Grantor Management

Our softwares, and services provide a comprehensive, integrated solution for government organizations that provide financial assistance programs to citizens and businesses.
  • Connect the end-to-end grant lifecycle process
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by capturing agreement terms and conditions
  • Increase visibility into agency-wide funding by consolidating the operating budget

Continuous Performance Improvement

Unite strategy and execution with full visibility into operational performance to improve customer service, maximize profitability, and decrease costs.
  • Execute operational strategies to meet goals
  • Support risk management practices
  • Conduct operational performance analysis
  • Ensure continuous improvement across operations

Public Sector Financials

Adhere to public sector accounting requirements including fund and encumbrance accounting, budget execution, as well as cost and financial accounting.
  • Improve the efficiency of your financial operations
  • Meet financial, budgetary, and reporting compliance
  • Increase public sector transparency and accountability

Government Shared Services

Efficiently deliver the same high-quality services in many different groups within your public sector organization with shared services.
  • Lower administrative costs by leveraging economies of scale
  • Strengthen public trust and deliver greater public value
  • Improve the quality and delivery of services to citizens

Performance-Based Budgeting

Integrate strategic performance with activities, government budgets, and historical data for better planning and greater transparency.
  • Document goals and objectives clearly
  • Assign responsibilities to operational owners
  • Attribute costs to programs, goals, and objectives
  • Forecast and analyze plans more accurately

Program and Project Management

Maintain a single view of budgets and resources to improve your accounting process across government programs.
  • Prioritize public sector projects
  • Maintain visibility into actual and planned resource utilization
  • Ensure efficient human and capital resources
  • Link projects with contracts and billing processes

Asset Operations and Maintenance

Whatever your asset, operate and maintain it better - from work and purchase orders to scheduled maintenance and shut downs, and everything in between them.
  • Synchronize program plans with asset management
  • Ensure on-time, on-budget scheduling
  • Shorten cycle times for service delivery
  • Reduce capital tied up in inventory


Enable end-to-end procurement - including integrated tenders, awards, sourcing, contract management, and document authoring.
  • Manage supplier performance more efficiently
  • Improve service by meeting sourcing demands
  • Cut costs associated with the procure-to-pay process

Integrated Incident and Emergency Management

Improve incident and emergency management - from call handling and resolution, to tasking and resource scheduling, to rostering and GIS-centric task management.
  • Improve decision making with real-time situational awareness
  • Merge call handling and resolution with multiple communication channels
  • Manage tasks and personnel assignments visually

Investigative Case Management

Support law enforcement investigations with better identity handling, intelligence, and the standardization of digital and physical evidence processing.
  • Obtain a single real-time view of your investigations
  • Provide a unified approach for managing data and intelligence across investigations
  • Provide a highly secure access control and audit framework

Justice Management

Manage the full spectrum of justice including cases, administration, online services, evidence, fines, payment collection, and trials management.
  • Enable courts and justice agencies to manage end-to-end processes
  • Provide innovative cross-agency delivery models
  • Improve efficiency by streamlining justice administration processes

Payment Services

Streamline payment processing with our public sector solutions that enable mass processing of payables and account receivables.
  • Automate the processing of payments
  • Reduce your organization's operational costs
  • Provide greater accountability of services
  • Realign operations quickly to cope with changes in demand

Citizen Services Case Management

Boost responsiveness across your citizen services - with a configurable case management solution that helps you to track multiple citizen and interaction with government.
  • Centralize access to case data in a secure, controlled environment
  • Increase both government and citizen confidence in the case system
  • Comply with data privacy regulations and retention policies
  • Lower resource demands for system maintenance and support

Citizen Services Multichannel Access

Enhance your organization's ability to manage service multichannel communication, requests, orders, returns, and more.
  • Resolve issues quickly through a single desktop function
  • Research technical questions, handle complaints, and confirm entitlements easily
  • Streamline the scheduling of service appointments
  • Boost service efficiency and improve communication

Social Services Management

Provide client-centric integrated case management with a solution that automates monetary benefits allocation and social care delivery.
  • Improve information accuracy with a single, shared source
  • Automate social case work business processes to reduce manual workloads
  • Increase citizen trust with lower response times and overall service enhancements

Collections Management

Manage collection activities more easily - including installment plans, deferrals, and delinquent accounts - with a single view of your taxpayer.
  • Capture all appropriate revenues
  • Reduce administrative costs and boost efficiency
  • Strengthen tax compliance for improved revenues

Tax and Revenue Administration

Improve constituent services and revenue collection efficiency - with public sector solutions that can help you coordinate and consolidate your tax process.
  • Lower incidents of fraud and revenue leakage
  • Accelerate collections cycles and increase overall collections
  • Generate additional revenue with monetized services
  • Reduce your organization's operational costs

Solutions for Postal Services

Streamline your postal service operations for efficiencies across all lines of business and improved customer service.
  • Access customer information across every level
  • Simplify complex service pricing, charging, and billing processes
  • Optimize mail-handling operations, including processing, sorting, and delivery

Public Sector Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Provide better safety, public sector services, security, and infrastructure to your citizens and your community.
  • Improve talent productivity and management
  • Meet the needs of constituents and a changing tax base
  • Gain insight into customer segment needs, costs, and profits
  • Support public sector services, innovation, and delivery
  • Increase transparency, reporting, and accountability

Mobile Solutions for the Public Sector

Improve productivity, drive agility, and sharpen your competitive edge with our mobile solutions.
  • Transform your organization
  • Give your employees secure mobile access to the information and systems
  • Leverage a wide range of mobile apps and underlying infrastructure

Intelligence Analysis for Public Sector

Give a powerful weapon to your security analysts against terrorism, crime, cyber threats, and fraud with intelligence analysis software for the public sector.
  • Derive intelligence and security-related meaning from complex information sources
  • Manage large volumes of structured and unstructured intelligence information
  • Integrate intelligence information across departments, agencies, or countries

Rapid-Deployment of Situational Awareness for the Public Sector

Access the real-time data for accelerating responses to public-safety threats, using mobile devices to streamline decision making and cross-agency collaborations.
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