Get a complete picture of your customers and your business performance - with our retail solutions

Gain a 360-degree view of consumer behavior with help from our retail solutions. Engage with your target audience over any touch point. And leverage our supply channel and merchandise management functionality to help you meet and exceed your sales and profitability goals.
  • Deliver consistent, personalized shopping experiences
  • Take full advantage of mobile technology
  • Optimize inventory levels across all channels
  • Identify opportunities that appeal to target groups
  • Increase your employees' mobile productivity
  • Leverage analytics to improve operational efficiency and margins

Customer-Centric Merchandising

Stay on top of shifting buyer emerging trends, habits, and fundamental industry change with our customer-centric merchandising solutions for retail.
  • Predict, understand, and adapt to customer behavior with powerful analytics
  • Plan and deliver assortments based on current shopper preferences and trends
  • Win new customers with compelling retail promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Drive top-line growth and improve customer satisfaction with strategic pricing

Collaborative Sourcing, Buying, and Manufacturing

Connect your global network of retail partners and improve supplier relationship management with our collaborative sourcing, buying, and manufacturing software.
  • Enrich supplier relationships with improved performance and risk management
  • Develop strategic sourcing and contracting ? and identify more opportunities to save
  • Plan product creation ? from design and component sourcing to quality management
  • Effectively collaborate with vendors across ordering, invoicing, and payment processing

Customer-Driven Supply Chain

Maximize responsiveness, efficiency, and service levels across your retail business ? with our customer-driven supply chain management (SCM) software.
  • Gain greater forecast accuracy and optimize inventory for higher customer satisfaction
  • Improve service levels, hone brand strategy, and easily comply with vendor restrictions
  • Deliver products on time and on promise how, when, and where customers want them
  • Reduce operational expenses and find new ways to minimize transportation spend

Multi-Channel Retailing

Serve a new generation of shoppers that expects a unified customer experience across in-store, mobile, online, and social media channels.
  • Maximize visibility across all channels to better understand customer needs
  • Ensure customers can buy from almost anyone, anywhere, at any time
  • Build customer and brand loyalty on a personal, one-to-one basis

People and Talent

Better manage your most important asset your people with streamlined HR processes, powerful workforce analytics, improved talent management, and more.
  • Attract, hire, and train the right talent for your business and measure employee success
  • Leverage your best people where you need them most by managing your workforce in real time
  • Identify workforce trends at an early stage to predict employee demands
  • Empower your staff with self-service access to business content, applications, and services


Improve all aspects of your retail organization's financial health - from smarter accounting to a faster close - with our financial management solution softwares and services.
  • Boost financial results and return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • Use real-time insight to effectively manage risk and compliance
  • Generate rapid, accurate reports and achieve a faster financial close
  • Reduce the cost of finance as a percentage of your revenue

IT Management

Transform your IT department into a valuable, strategic, and cost-saving business partner - with our information technology solutions for the retail industry.
  • Accelerate IT delivery cycles and facilitate business innovation
  • Design and adapt processes to meet your unique business needs
  • Improve the ratio of IT budget to company revenue
  • Reduce the cost of system maintenance, upgrades, and operation
  • Detect, assess, and effectively mitigate risks - faster

Rapid Deployment Solutions for Retail

Faster speed and predictability to your next implementation with WTM ERP?s preconfigured software, services, or both - at a fixed scope and price.
  • Rely on a predictable implementation time and cost
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing WTM ERP solutions
  • Benefit from a targeted scope defined by your business needs

Solutions for Small and Midsized Enterprises (SMEs)

Survive and thrive in the competitive retail market with our software for SMEs. Leverage integrated, affordable solutions that can help you achieve a fast ROI.
  • Capture spontaneous customer demand with improved forecasting
  • Boost stock productivity with supply chain and demand planning
  • Shorten inventory cycles with corresponding reductions in stock
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