Win over demanding shoppers with our customer-centric merchandising solutions for retail

Keep pace with fundamental industry change such as show-rooming, online price comparisons, and rapidly changing assortments with our customer-centric merchandising solutions for retail. Stay on top of shifting buyer habits by building customer knowledge into your processes and respond to trends in real time using the latest leading-edge technology.
  • Understand, predict, and adapt to customer behavior with powerful analytics
  • Plan and deliver assortments based on current shopper preferences and trends
  • Win new customers with compelling retail promotions and marketing campaigns
  • Drive top-line growth and improve customer satisfaction with strategic pricing

Real-Time Customer Insight and Predictive Analytics

Get actionable, real-time insight into customer preferences, needs, and behavior - and accurately predict future trends - with powerful analytics.
  • Analyze customer information from any store location - right on your mobile device
  • Drive smarter, more profitable decision making with faster access to metrics and trends
  • Leverage pre-built data exploration views - for a quick return on investment (ROI)

Optimized Merchandise and Assortment Planning

Develop highly effective merchandise and assortment plans based on predictive insights, and make changes quickly to respond to new trends - faster.
  • Develop rive sales and improve margins by for each channel
  • Plan your product mix by category using accurate, demand-driven forecasts
  • Create balanced assortment plans to hit your gross and net margin targets
  • Optimize store and customer groups with clustering and segmentation techniques

Marketing, Campaign, and Promotion Planning

Deliver personalized, relevant offers to customers across multiple channels - and influence shoppers at the point of decision - with state-of-the-art software.
  • Present a consistent brand image across all channels and geographies
  • Increase the visibility of marketing plans throughout your organization
  • Promotional prices and create advertising that generate value and loyalty
  • Attract and retain your best customers with compelling campaigns

Perfect Price and Promotion Execution

Improve customer satisfaction and boost profitability with strategic, localized pricing and promotions that drive sales and grow your customer base.
  • Uncover the best combination of everyday prices
  • Identify and leverage shopper demand patterns
  • Analyze trends and price sensitivities down to the store SKU level
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