Human Resource Management

HR staff play a vital role within business, managing and maintaining the human resources that make up the organisation. A human resources employee is to train and manage employees while remaining compliant with various rules and regulations. Every business is made up of people, the human resources of the business. How effectively those human resources are managed will have a major impact on how successful the business becomes. WTM provide you with human resources management training so you can receive the HR training you need to succeed. Whether it is records management, safety training or just general human resources management, we have a wealth of knowledge you can use in your daily human resources role.

Includes activities such as:

  • Recording, managing and storing HR information
  • Analysing HR information and presenting findings to inform decision-making
  • Manage recruitment and selection methods, including interview processes
  • Organising and implementing staff induction
  • Conducting and reflecting on performance reviews
  • Planning and delivering learning and development programme activity
  • A look at trends in HR law, essential employment practices, insights into HR administration and benefits and the legalities of polices procedures and handbooks
  • Tips for newly appointed human resources employees

Flexible scheduling

Many centers force you to work on their schedule giving little regard to your scheduling needs. With our flexible scheduling options, you control when you graduate because you always take classes that fit in your schedule and never need to wait for another class to open. There's always an option to take a class.

Experienced Faculty

Our Human Resources faculty each hold advanced degrees in the Human Resources field and know what employers are looking for. They have worked in the field and understand what you need to know to excel. Plus, one-on-one support makes learning easier than you ever thought possible.

Student-Centered Service

Unlike many professors who focus on research, our teachers focus on you. Our faculty teach, mentor and guide you throughout your educational journey so you will learn the skills needed to stand out in a competitive job market.

Career-Focused Classes

Since every class you take explores a different topic in depth and we do not waste your time with costly electives, you can quickly master each concept and confidently enter the field with the skills you need for success. And, if you already have experience, consider testing out of certain classes with a Life Experience Exam.

Course Type : Basic
Duration : 45 hours
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