Retail Management

Retail management refers to the system in place that enables help the customers to purchase the desired merchandise from the retail shops s for their consumption. Retail management includes all the steps necessary to bring the customers into the store and get satisfaction after buying merchandise. Retail management makes shopping better and ensures the customers leave the store satisfied.

WTM designed this course to communicate the key principles and activities you and your team members need to succeed.

Retail Sales Skills

With interative learning activities, selling scenarios, quizzes, voice-over and animation you will be engaged in the learning and ready to increase your revenue upon completion.

  • Learn about the values of great salesmanship and key activities that every retail sales associate needs to execute in order to be successful.
  • The learner will discover and practice the activities required to make the customer comfortable in the store and with the sales representative.
  • This course will allow the learner to understand and look for buying signals. Additionally they will practice 10 proven techniques for closing the sale.

Management of Time for Retail Managers

Improve your ability to get things done well and done on-time!

  • Introduces the issues associated with poor time management and reviews the 5 core skills of effective time managers. Then is discusses the core priorities for retail managers and how to plan for completing the activities associated with them.
  • Focuses on and introduces the learner to the final 3 key skills of effective time managers − Delegation, Efficient Practices, and Eliminating Procrastination.
Course Type : Basic
Duration : 22 hours
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