Database Management

Drive speed, availability, and scalability - for less - with our database solutions

Maximize performance with extreme transaction processing (XTP) and gain real-time insight, all delivered with anytime, anywhere access to mission-critical information. Our database solutions leverage in-memory, cloud, and mobile technologies - for instant answers to rock-solid reliability, complex queries, and reduced costs.
  • Support millions of transactions per minute with terabyte-size databases
  • Meet increasing demand for high performance with in-memory databases
  • Synchronize mobile devices with all major databases in your enterprise
  • Minimize costs by managing data in the cloud
  • Reduce risk while ensuring integrity and business continuity
  • Embed databases for broad distribution with your applications

In-Memory Database

Analyze all of your data in real time with the ability to process both analytical and operational data in a single, next-generation in-memory database.
  • Gain real-time business insights with near-zero latency
  • Quickly identify risks and opportunities with built-in predictive analytics
  • Supercharge your core business processes and custom applications 

Extreme Transaction Processing and Data Management

Improve the availability of applications requiring extreme scalability and online transaction processing - with this high-performance database platform.
  • Achieve millions of transactions per minute with terabyte-sized databases while supporting rapid growth rates in data and transaction volume
  • Reduce operational risks by ensuring data security and availability
  • Lower IT costs through efficient use of storage, processor, and staff resources

Big Data Management & Analytics Engine

Accelerate analytics and big data processing with native Hadoop integration, MapReduce API, and built-in text analytics - with this highly optimized analytics RDBMS.
  • Run ad hoc queries on large datasets up to 100x faster with true columnar technology
  • Efficiently analyze both structured and unstructured data in the same platform
  • Maximize return on assets with high compression and commodity hardware

Mobile Data Management

Design and deploy custom database-powered applications that automatically synchronize business data to thousands of remote offices and mobile computing devices.
  • Harmonize your data securely, reliably, and with zero administration
  • Empower users with access to vital data - anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Streamline rollouts with automated deployment and rapid application development
  • Benefit from support for all leading computing platforms

Data Replication

Replicate and synchronize Sybase, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle database transactions - for secure, high-performance data delivery across the enterprise.
  • Support data movement, distribution, synchronization, and migration
  • Rely on distributed disaster recovery
  • Drive real-time reporting with zero impact to the production system
  • Leverage an uninterrupted data migration path
  • Support bi-directional synchronization across heterogeneous databases

Enterprise Modeling

Leverage impact analysis, industry-leading modeling, design-time change management, and metadata management techniques throughout your organization.
  • Align business and IT to increase overall productivity
  • Leverage open support for heterogeneous environments
  • Customize PowerDesigner to help enforce standards and ensure compliance
  • Facilitate complex enterprise architecture implementations
  • Increase agility with Link & Sync for true impact analysis

Complex Event Processing (CEP)

Faster development and deployment of applications that analyze and act on massive amounts of streaming data in real-time - with this award-winning platform.
  • Process multiple streams of event data in real time - for better decision making
  • Apply custom business logic to normalize, filter, correlate, and aggregate events
  • Generate a stream of actionable information from one or more streams of raw data
  • Automate responses to changing conditions based on individual or multiple events
  • Generate alerts to raise awareness of situations that require immediate attention 

Data Management for Financial Markets

Combine real-time historical analytics, data capture, and risk management with our award-winning data management platform for financial markets.
  • Support the entire trading lifecycle from market data enrichment to model execution
  • Develop, test, and execute effective risk management and trading processes
  • Integrate real-time and historical data for backtesting and new insights
  • Run streaming analytics on huge volumes of market data, including sentimen

Embedded Database Management

Extend your existing applications and manage your database from any laptop, palmtop, or mobile device - with this full-featured, easily embedded, relational database management system.
  • Gain flexibility unmatched by SQL-only databases with both ISAM and SQL data access
  • Develop powerful data-driven applications for client-server and mobile environments
  • Scale from local to peer-to-peer to client-server environments with one set of source code
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