Rev up automotive industry growth with innovative products and positive customer experiences

Whether you're an automotive manufacturer or focused on sales and service, we can help you encourage innovation, improve efficiencies throughout your automotive supply chain, and position your business for growth.
  • Run innovative and high-quality product development
  • Boost up end-to-end manufacturing efficiency
  • Decrease costs in the design and manufacturing processes
  • Remove automotive supply chain risk and disruption
  • Give quick response to market opportunities
  • Explore the customer experience

Product Development

For growing market share and profitability in the automotive industry we fulfill customers requirement and deliver innovative products ahead of the competition.
  • Work together in design and implementation phases for complex business products
  • By using embedded analytics and harmonized UI visibility will increase in all over processes
  • Decreased reusability of component will help when communicate with a single system
  • Integrate engineering and manufacturing to allow smooth transition to production

Product Compliance

Indicate and document product properties and the sale of material and chemicals to comply with trade and environmental, health, and safety regulations.
  • Through diminishing product design and distribution risks we can avoid costly compliances
  • By using embedded product compliance we can maintain evolving global regulation
  • Reduce risk by introducing a clean cross-functional process

Sourcing and Contract Management for Direct and Indirect Material

By linking supplier,contract management,sourcing,and operational procurement processes this globally manage the sourcing of direct and indirect material .
  • Achieve visibility on demand and spend to maximize savings and minimize supply chain risks
  • Assure global contract assent and diminish contract risk
  • Believe in procurement processes that are mainly designed for automotive industries

Sourcing and Procurement for Indirect Material

Through the medium of connecting spend analysis and on-demand strategic sourcing along with contract management and operational procurement that allows end-to-end sourcing and procurement.
  • Increase contract compliance,and improve purchasing productivity and decrease cost
  • Provide authentic and negotiated terms and conditions of any organization
  • Determine and produce management and saving opportunities

Lean Manufacturing Operations

Flawless plan for producing processes which include plant-level operations, manufacturing execution,product compliance and enterprise planning and control.
  • Accumulate operations to meet customer requirements and security standards
  • To optimize execution and inventory effectively run manufacturing processes
  • Assure compliance regarding environmental, health, and safety regulations

Make-to-Order (MTO) Manufacturing

Introduce the entire MTO process by including enterprise planning and control, plant operations, sequencing, manufacturing execution, and compliance requirements.
  • Drive accurately sequenced MTO operations, reducing costs while meeting standards
  • Keep MTO operations humming with manufacturing integration and intelligence
  • Assure MTO supply and demand data availability to meet sequencing requirements

Asset Management

Maintain all the aspects of asset operations from procedure documents to shutdown planning, open work orders, and coordination of purchased services.
  • Increase run time visibility, while cutting costs, with integrated management
  • Achieve visibility and control of manufacturing operations
  • Rapidly respond to disruptions and increase asset uptime and utilization

Operational Procurement and Inbound Logistics for Direct Material

Assure supply across global supply networks while optimizing inventory for forecast, just-in-time, or supplier-managed inventory.
  • Integrate and standardize supply processes for direct material
  • Usage inventory levels
  • Achieve visibility and collaboration across the entire supply chain
  • Assemble based on lean principles

Service Parts Management

Assure the availability of the right part at the right time. Manage service parts efficiently and in a reliable manner across planning, warehousing, ordering, and delivery execution.
  • Improve service availability and delivery
  • Increase service revenue and margin
  • Satisfy customers and make service a key competitive differentiator
  • Boost up profits with greater service parts and extended warehouse efficiency

Supply Chain

Manage every link in your extended supply chain by tracking all of your logistics and fulfillment processes and assets for greater visibility and control.
  • Keep on top of activities across your automotive supply chain
  • Identify potential problems early so you can take immediate action
  • Improve customer satisfaction with better issue resolution
  • Decrease costs, mitigate risks, and improve collaboration

Dealer Business Management

Turn your dealership into a customer-centric enterprise,building customers for life while maximizing cash flow and profitability.
  • Advances your business by improving cash flow, profitability, and customer loyalty
  • Sell out more vehicles at better margins
  • Meet customer service expectations at every visit
  • Miigate inventory by ensuring the right parts are available for sale

Vehicle Sales Management

Align stake holders to optimize vehicle sales management across the distribution chain by using WTM IT ERP for automotive supply chain.
  • Merge channel partner stake holders
  • Implement full transparency throughout the distribution chain
  • Give custom marketing reports based on holistic views of customers and vehicles

After-Sales Support and Service

Drive up service requests and orders, returns, contract-based entitlements and SLAs, warranty claims, multichannel communications, and post-sales offers.
  • Enhance revenue while reducing the high cost of service
  • Integrate service, sales, and marketing
  • Get a clearer view of all relevant data to provide better customer service
  • Improve warranty claims processing efficiency

Human Resources Management

Meet the challenges of globalization, increase efficiency and transparency, and standardize processes all while improving compliance.
  • Raise HR process efficiency and lower cost
  • Optimize global processes
  • Implement a foundation to manage talent, hire, and train faster
  • Reduce risk and challenges of global systems


Gain superior financial performance in a world of accelerating and challenging change by leveraging resources, people, and technology.
  • Close books speedy and efficiently
  • Mitigate the cost of managing risk and compliance
  • Streamline processes to decrease cost
  • Manage liquidity and cash
  • Focus on opportunities and adapt quickly to change

Information Technology

Manage efficiency and performance, gain organizational control, and adapt to shifting business demands with software for the automotive supply chain.
  • Determine operations based on large volumes of complex data
  • Gain secure access to business processes and data, anytime and anywhere
  • Construct and adapt processes that address the unique needs of your customers
  • Adapt to accelerating change and manage your IT infrastructure in an integrated way

Automotive Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Provide innovation by gaining efficiencies in your automotive supply chain while streamlining your sales, manufacturing, finance, and management processes.
  • Cultivate visibility to reduce inventory and cost of materials
  • Speed up time to market over the entire product life cycle
  • Fulfill customer demand with a better understanding of requirements
  • Raise cycle time and capacity while reducing capital needs
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