Business Suite for Chemicals

One of the great feature of WTM IT ERP is its Business Suite through this feature you can run your entire chemical organization in real time.
  • Impressively increase all your core business processes to run in todays market speed
  • Enable customers to take fast decision and act in a movement in a real time environment
  • In todays competitive environment adopt new growth opportunities.
  • Deploy on your company server by using the cloud or as an appliance.

Manufacturing Operations

Accommodate planning at enterprise level and control by using plant operations and manufacturing techniques.
  • To increase optimal performance we use standardized practices to plan and schedule production.
  • To achieve competitive advantage we merge manufacturing controls with industry standards

Manufacturing Visibility and Performance

For IT assets and manufacturing operations this provide real time visibility into key performance indicators
  • Immediately associate business data and proprietary plant system into a unified dashboard
  • As improvement point of view it provides access to real time and historical data
  • By using best practices and real time measurement this optimizes maintenance and plant operation

Operational Risk Management

Operational risk management is a comprehensive approach which provides visibility into operations and also supports environment ,health and safety compliances.
  • In entire department and process, this give stake holders with visibility into operational risks
  • By using effective investigation and reporting processes this provide a secure environment
  • By conducting reliability -centered maintenance and management of work permit this assure asset security

Asset Operations and Maintenance

For maintenance and faster problem resolution this integrate maintenance with plant planning and scheduling ,service procurement and spare parts management.
  • Effectively monitor equipment and use preventive and predictive maintenance techniques uses predictive and reliable maintenance schemes
  • This automates all the services and spare parts procurement process
  • By integrating plant systems this provide equipment information in an efficient manner.

Asset Portfolio and Project Management

Harmonize capital projects with asset portfolio, performance, and information management for enhanced control and return on capital employed.
  • Enhance asset portfolio management by integrating processes and assessing risks and priorities
  • Streamline capital project management by consistently posting and monitoring financial information
  • Handle asset information by enabling collaboration and electronic hand over of information

Energy and Environmental Resource Management

Track, trace, and report on energy consumption and emissions at the equipment level of system and drive global Six Sigma initiatives.
  • Mitigate carbon emissions liability by making energy consumption and emissions visible
  • Assure compliance with laws and policies, providing tools to reduce and report emissions
  • Merge up energy costs and emissions penalties into planning and budgeting

Demand and Supply Planning

Balance demand and supply and respond to network events more easily with integrated, end-to-end planning processes.
  • Consolidate internal and external demand for collaborative demand management
  • Run replenishment and distribution planning back to manufacturers and suppliers
  • Balance sales and operations planning by consolidating all relevant input across the network

Manufacturing Network Planning and Execution

Quickly respond in demand across a network of plants, out sourced manufacturers, and suppliers.
  • Find production requirements and source materials across an internal and external network
  • Schedule, dispatch, and manage plant floor execution in one integrated process
  • Harmonize with outsourced manufacturing to increase responsiveness

Product and Service Innovation

Take advantage of best practices for continuous innovation also create products and services that give you an advantage over the competition.
  • Enhance visibility and responsiveness to customer needs with better alignment and communication
  • Boost product innovation with best practices for product development and IP management
  • Develop best practices for systematic program and project performance monitoring and reporting

Product Development

Merge up product development,customer requirements,and ramp-up to production. Streamline processes, unify product data, and reduce time to market.
  • Handle portfolio and customer requirements by improving tracking, collaboration, and visibility
  • Enhance product, recipe, and specification development with automated data and project management
  • Streamline ramp-up to production processes from development to manufacturing

Price and Margin Management

Align stake holders to make price and margin management a complete business process from price analysis to deal execution.
  • Costing is based on what a customer is willing to pay rather than what it costs to make a product
  • Automate processes and boost pricing consistency to react quickly to changing market conditions
  • Execute sales deals, set appropriate pricing, and evaluate overall deals to speed order to cash

Information Technology

Drive efficiency and performance within your IT infrastructure.

Solutions for Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs)

Enhance operating efficiencies and achieve a fast ROI with integrated software designed for small and midsize chemical companies.
  • Enhance cycle time and capacity utilization and reduce capital requirements
  • Gain faster time to market with collaborative design processes throughout the product lifecycle
  • Improve visibility into customer data to meet dynamic demand and product requirements

Closed Loop Quality Management

Make sure customer satisfaction by consistently meeting regulatory and quality standards.
  • Decrease compliance costs
  • Initiate with quality planning during the product design phase
  • Enhance access to quality management information across the company
  • Develope a solid foundation for quality inspection processes

Transportation Management

Enhance transportation spend management and enable enhanced order fulfillment by integrating all aspects of the transportation management process.
  • Automate transportation tendering, execution, tracking, and settlement processes
  • Create reliable and flexible transportation plans that adapt changing conditions
  • Leverage leading ERP financials for freight settlement and customer billing
  • Ensure compliance with international trade

Supply Chain Execution

Assure 'Perfect Order' the right product at the right place and the right time and for the right cost, increasing customer service levels, maximizing assets, and minimizing costs.
  • Enhance communication with your suppliers, contract manufacturers, and customers to streamline collaboration and reduce errors
  • Improve warehouse efficiency, optimize operations, and sharpen your competitive edge with end-to-end extended warehouse management tools
  • Minimize global trade violations with a single, integrated platform that can help you meet ever-changing compliance requirements and improve productivity
  • Integrate and network with trading partners, clients, and suppliers, and exchange data electronically with business partners

Lead to Cash Acceleration

Enable your customers with holistic, cross-applications to support, automate and accelerate business processes.
  • Align sales resources,optimize campaigns, and streamline sales planning and forecasting
  • Boost up pipeline performance by streamlining selling processes across all sales channels
  • Assure a superior order experience through accurate pricing, delivery commitments, order execution, and service excellence
  • Provide global line of business sales managers with actionable metrics for sales performance

Rapid Deployment Solutions for WTM IT CRM

Reach your CRM goals beyond schedule. These quick-to-deploy solutions are built to support your essential CRM activities from attracting prospects to closing deals.
  • Leverage a mix of software and services that enable lightning fast deployment services
  • Benefit from a low cost of implementation and quick time to value
  • Pick between on-premise,cloud,or appliance delivery methods

Customer Service

Allow your service organization to implement an integrated service process, enhancing productivity and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Overcome issues quickly with on-the-spot customer support
  • Equip employees with the information and tools they need to retain profitable customers
  • Allow a consistent, positive user experience across all service channels

Commodity Risk Management

Control and monitor risk resulting from commodity price volatility. Identify and quantify your exposure to foreign exchange, counterparty risk, and more.
  • Allow commodity exposure and manage multiple commodities
  • Connect to external marketplaces and provide transaction management for financial assets
  • Link physical exposure to commodity derivatives including effectiveness testing and settlement
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