Respond to market dynamics faster with our solutions for the consumer products industry

Take initiative in market with the products that consumers want.Our solutions for the consumer products industry can help you tap into deeper consumer insights, speed time to market, maximize brand and promotion investments, and optimize supply to consistently and cost effectively fulfill demand.
  • Align consumer led innovation with reliable execution and planning
  • Assure product compliance and safety
  • Accommodate sales and marketing planning and execution
  • Focus on most profitable events and vehicles
  • Increase supply chain to meet dynamic consumer demand
  • Efficiently manage manufacturing and transport

Business Suite for Consumer Products

WTM ERP Business Suite enable you to run your entire consumer products organization
  • Impressively increase all your core business processes to run in todays market speed
  • Enable customers to take fast decision and act in a movement in a real time environment
  • In todays competitive environment adopt new growth opportunities
  • Deploy on your company server by using the cloud or as an appliance

Multi-Channel Marketing (B2C ? B2B)

Incorporate program development and execution,and campaign planning across all consumer interaction channels.
  • Appreciate your consumers for developing targeted and personalized campaigns
  • Through multichannel consumer-centric strategies establish long term consumer loyalty
  • Influence social channels to manage consumer feedback and your marketing activities

Consumer Service Management

Provide consumer interactions for continuous improvement,direct-to-consumer marketing, product innovation,consumer segmentation, and more.
  • Accommodate multi-channel,tiered services that allows expert assistance
  • To serve and engage consumers in new channels provide consumer data
  • Transfer special offers, service requests, and consumer complaints

Continuous Product and Service Innovation

By efficiently managing your product and service portfolio,resources, compliance,costs and innovation processes,we grow the industries.
  • By aligning innovation opportunities with cross-functional strategic plans we increase interest area of consumer
  • Maintain all the processes of concept development,intellectual management and open innovation
  • Develop projects and services at specific time and under budget according to market requirements

Integrated Product Development

Accommodate product development along compliance efforts to reduce risks and manage compliance in all complete lifecycle.
  • By improving product development efficiency allow collaboration by sharing master data
  • Merge up design with sourcing to speed up process control, improve compliance, and lower costs
  • Provide quality products in lower cost

Account and Trade Promotion Management

Maximize customer value by increasing promotion spend efficiency and reducing outstanding customer claims.
  • Measure product and customer profitability and promotion effectiveness
  • Coordinate and align sales processes with promotions and marketing efforts
  • Improve product availability by aligning promotion planning and forecasting with demand planning

Sales Execution

Empower your sales team to confirm in-store merchandising and promotion compliance, check inventory status, and process replenishment orders.
  • Ensure merchandising execution and reduce claims
  • Optimize visits and territory coverage with visibility into sales data, performance, and budget
  • Analyze sales effectiveness, perform compliance checks, and monitor competitive activity

Customer Service Management

Establish an interaction center to respond to and resolve customer issues in a timely manner.
  • Enable customers to service experts who have full visibility into their information
  • Accommodate fulfillment processes with back-office systems for visibility into customer data
  • Automate the returns process by tracking and managing returned items, defects, and resolutions

Direct Store Delivery

Optimize direct deliveries to stores to reduce costs, ensure merchandising compliance, minimize stock outs, and improve shopper experience.
  • Improve time spent with customers in the store by decreasing the administrative tasks
  • Run competitive differentiation through better in-store execution
  • Win shelf space, displays, and preferred locations over your competitors

Collaborative Demand and Supply Planning

Harmonize demand and supply by integrating visibility into market demand with your supply processes.
  • Improve visibility to ensure product availability, reduce lost sales, and improve service
  • Enhance in-stock rates, service levels, and supply chain costs by enabling inventory optimization
  • Fulfill customer expectations profitably and out-execute the competition

Supply Chain Execution

Streamline execution processes by integrating and automating logistics operations across your warehousing, transport, and fulfillment areas.
  • Enhance on-time delivery levels, high order fill rates, and customer service
  • Analyze transport utilization, routes, process visibility, and collaboration
  • Lower warehousing and distribution costs by integrating partner data with event management

Product Safety and Traceability

Automatize quality and safety processes to ensure compliant product safety and traceability.
  • Assure safety with procurement compliance, supplier visibility, and raw material genealogy
  • Reduce risk with compliant manufacturing, automated safety processes, and quick response times
  • Lesser cost and risk of recalls by assessing the scope of the issue and recalling at-risk products

Apparel and Footwear Manufacturing, Fulfillment

Impressively manage growing product lines by managing product style, color, and size through unique production runs.
  • Increase seasonal stock-level management
  • Handle customer delivery and warehousing by style, color, size, stock, and category level
  • Enhance inventory stock accuracy, and reduce mark-downs and write-offs

Customer Service Management for Textile and Footwear

Improve the customer experience with multi-channel service delivery and order management designed for apparel and footwear companies.
  • Allow efficient and user-friendly order entry based on style, color, and size
  • Mitigate stock-outs with real-time visibility into inventory and order status
  • Enhance cash flow by shortening the order-to-cash cycle and reducing working capital

Efficient Manufacturing Operations

Increase return on assets. Reduce manufacturing cycle time.Ensure consistent product and process quality, as well as safety of operations.
  • Allow global coordination with local execution to adapt quickly to customer orders changes
  • Optimally plan and schedule production, eliminate wasteful activities, maximize resource utilization
  • Accommodate manufacturing controls with industry standards

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Allow critical transparency into the end-to-end process from savings identification to the delivery of realized savings
  • Gain organization-wide spend visibility, identify savings opportunities and enable sourcing and procurement strategies
  • Take comprehensive contract management with simplified contract creation and amendment processes
  • Assure realized savings with standard integration to procurement execution systems


Assure contract compliance, reduce cycle times and error rates by process automation using catalog-based purchasing and central contract management
  • Give sourcing demand with centralized sourcing to aggregate demand, decrease cycle times, and increase visibility
  • Bound contract compliance and eliminate off-contract purchasing with centralized contracts and preferred catalogs
  • Automatize supplier collaboration and streamline supplier connectivity for efficiency and increased supplier engagement

Consumer Products Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

Enhance operating efficiency, gain flexibility, and realize speedy ROI with our affordable, integrated consumer products software for SMEs.
  • Receive spontaneous customer demand by improving forecast accuracy and on-shelf availability
  • Improve customer service with faster response to market and operational changes
  • Mitigate inventory cycles and coordinate reductions in inventory levels

Catch Weight Management

Impressively manage your protein production process. Record, trace and evaluate catch weight materials.
  • Handle materials within the supply chain in two independent units of measure
  • Absolutely integrate with inventory management and accountingFully integrate with inventory management and accounting
  • Handle the full meat value chain with meat management solutions by WTM ERP partner softproviding
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