Defence and Security

Prepare your organization for defense operations and missions

Furnish your defense operations personnel with relevant,correct information pulled from a variety of systems delivered in the right format on the right device. When you upgrade to a business process platform with agile IT architecture, you can synchronize all of your data, for information consistency and better defense planning.
  • Improve the readiness of equipment and personnel
  • Synchronize operational planning
  • Exalt interoperability for increased efficiency and savings
  • Gain global asset visibility
  • Allow better decision making

Inventory Optimization

On the basis of quantity and value we record and track the materials and also provide logistics facilities for efficiently optimizing your inventory management processes.
  • To accomplish customers requirement increase workload planning
  • Drive order consolidation and wave picking
  • Integrate radio frequency and bar code scanning
  • For assuring effective asset utilization improve handling unit management

Performance-Based Logistics

From contract management to product support provide system maintainability.Also provide a performance based logistic model that is based on integrated IT system.
  • To provide full visibility streamline contract management
  • Get reddy for effective product support
  • To meet with availability goals provide improved equipment sustainabillity

Force Deployment

Use deployed operations for all resources such as HR,material,finences etc.
  • For stake holders give relevant information along with complete visibility
  • Offer force deployment processes and allot the correct mix of resources
  • To support planning, generation and deployment,plan and execute together

Force Generation

Support one accommodated platform that manage resources to ensure your forces are trained, equipped, and ready for different operations.
  • By using your own organizational structure design material and resource availability
  • Provide force management capabilities that support entrepreneurabillity
  • Give visibility and readiness of all the resources

Interoperability with Battle Management Systems

Connect operational planning command and control systems along geospatial system to get the force management capabilities
  • By using MIP,ADatP-3,and enterprise services provide organizational data for C2IS
  • Allow process integration between WTM ERP and C2IS through enterprise services
  • By using ADatP-3 and PDF output give logistic assessment reports

Logistics and Fulfillment Management

Cut transportation costs and gain inventory visibility. With better logistics execution, you can increase throughput, order accuracy, and asset utilization.
  • Provide a full audit trail for each transaction with associated import regulations
  • Create and execute the optimal modes for transport, from origin to destination
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers for better downstream execution
  • Account for freight costs accurately through management of transportation spend
  • Ensure compliance with the latest government regulations and policies

Operational Excellence with Extended Warehouse Management

Allow flexible automated support for processing goods and managing stock in high-volume warehouses with WTM ERP Extended Warehouse Management.
  • Take metrics based on the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model(SCOR)
  • See metric hierarchies with relationships between departmental performance measures
  • Gain out-of-the-box integration to WTM ERP Business Suite

Service Parts Planning and Logistics

Finding capitalization on the growth and profit potential of your defense organization? Look close to home in your own service parts business.
  • Allow full inventory visibility across the whole service parts supply chain
  • Support inventory across distribution networks based on volume, velocity, and segments
  • Give out-of-the-box process collaboration with an intuitive Web interface for suppliers
  • based on distribution decisions on the network's real-time data
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