Meet your health care challenges head on

Deliver better outcomes cost-effectively. Rely on our healthcare solutions to help you gain efficiencies and focus on preventive and proactive care.
  • Quickly access disparate data anytime, anywhere
  • Make better decisions with relevant and trustworthy data
  • Collaborate easily with patients and other care providers
  • Mobilize your healthcare professionals
  • Make your workflows more integrated and efficient
  • Decrease process cycle time
  • And more

Collaborative E-Care Management

Through the use of Medical Monitoring Software, mobile devices,and individualized treatment we connect patients, providers, and families to improve patients' health.
  • Correct information and proactive real-time alerts improve decision making capacity
  • By identifying complications earlier we decrease costs and minimize unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Focus on health care programs to reduce expenses

Analytics Solutions for Healthcare

For establishing informed decisions at anytime, anywhere we provide real-time insights
  • From multiple sources we communicate with authentic and high-quality data
  • Explain about plan,alignment,monitor performance goals and metrics
  • To completely understand your decisions run "what-if" simulation

Quality Management for Healthcare

Provide a detailed description of patient care data in real time.And decrease costs when we improve safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Analyze staffing levels to reduce overall costs and highest-quality patient care
  • For payers this give context by connecting health care delivery to patient outcomes
  • Everyday appraise KPI's from patient census to medical staff in a very efficient manner

Planning and Consolidation for Healthcare

For your entire health care organization run efficient and better planning, budgeting, and consolidated financial reporting.
  • To provide more reliable and accurate planning, associate financial and patient-centric data
  • Compose accounts to shave weeks off your consolidation processes
  • By using variable techniques implement projections of patient volume and rate changes

Staff Productivity Management for Healthcare

To the purpose of improving patient care quality we use resources across your organization in a very trustworthy and efficient manner.
  • In your entire departments and units gain transparency into staffing and patient care issues
  • Appraise performance across the HCAHPS benchmark and other patient survey results
  • Maintain costs by using more precise data on certification ,staffing and training

Patient Management

Run faster revenue cycles with software that delivers patient management, scheduling, and accounting in one solution.
  • Increase efficiency with streamlined front- and back-end processes
  • Schedule appointments and assign resources more cost-effectively
  • Enhance payment accuracy and reduce coding and billing inquiries

Siemens from WTM ERP

Integrate clinical processes with patient management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes for a comprehensive information system.
  • Link with other systems for a complete electronic patient record
  • Allow the entire clinical work flow including episode of care management across multiple providers
  • Decrease cost of ownership and interface complexity with a single-platform approach

Electronic Medical Record Mobile App

Make well structured clinical decisions in or out of the hospital setting with anytime, anywhere access to patient information.
  • View patient demographics and medical reports to make timely clinical evaluations
  • Assess a patient's current status by using instant access to vital signs, images, and lab results
  • Harmonize with colleagues and respond rapidly to changes in patient health

Mobile Solutions for Healthcare

Run agility, improve productivity, and sharpen your competitive edge with WTM ERP mobile solutions.
  • Transform your Business
  • Give your employees secure mobile access to the information and systems
  • Leverage a wide range of mobile applications and underlying infrastructure
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