Future proof your insurance business with flexible end-to-end software processes like claims management

Facilitate claims management, streamline policy administration, and enhance your systems with our insurance software. Find out why more than 1,000 of the world's best-run insurance companies are relying on WTM ERP to help them improve performance and customer service.
  • Mitigate time to market for tailored insurance products
  • Streamline insurance operations reducing process complexity and costs
  • Efficiently manage compliance and stay on top of new regulations
  • Run maximum performance from your sales force and manage incentives
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customer Billing and Payment

Synchronize billing and payment processes across multiple channels to drive greater customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and outpace your competition.
  • Globalize electronic billing
  • Advances your cash flow
  • Accommodate end-to-end business processes
  • Instantly adopt statutory regulations
  • Automate and harmonize your front and back offices

Financial Asset Management

Improve your return on investment, minimize risk, and ensure compliance with a centralized platform for portfolio administration.
  • Allow up-to-the-minute analytics to improve decision making
  • Accommodate processes and multi ledger capabilities for multiple GAAP accounting
  • Usage an analytical and risk reporting framework on a comprehensive data platform
  • Mitigate risk with a security and authorization mechanism

Manage Risk and Compliance

Enhance strategic and operational performance and effectively mitigate business risk through cost-effective management of regulatory and policy compliance.
  • Harmonize the management of financial, operational, and compliance risks
  • Efficiently identify and manage risks before they can have an impact
  • Automate risk monitoring across end-to-end processes
  • Determine and mitigate risks through the entire insurance product lifecycle
  • Comply with Solvency II regulations through analytics and increased data transparency

Reinsurance Management for Primary Insurers

Flexible demand peeks and optimize capacity by strategically managing reinsurance coverage. Boost accounting operations efficiency and improve financial reports.
  • Accommodate reinsurance treaty administration and accounting as part of your process
  • Offer full functions for all types reinsurance coverages in all business lines
  • Adopt corporate and external reporting requirements
  • Provide real-time data access across your entire business portfolio

Reinsurance Management for Reinsurers and Retrocessionaires

Mitigate your total cost of ownership and improve risk management across the reinsurance lifecycle with support for a broad range of core processes.
  • Take a holistic view of reinsurance coverage and parties involved
  • Usage consistent, clear data for treaty administration and accounting
  • Enhance compliance with regulatory and rating agencies
  • Develop financial statements according to common accounting principles

Claims Management

Accommodate your claims management processes across departments and lines of business to enable timely claims processing and a positive customer experience.
  • Settle claims faster across multiple channels with fewer touches or none at all
  • Make better decisions thanks to deeper analytics
  • Gain the agility to improve claims management as business and technology evolve
  • Take advantage of true end-to-end solutions that span functional boundaries

Policy Administration

Mitigate time to market for tailored insurance products by automating and streamlining your policy administration processes.
  • Maintain multi line products tailored to your customers and distribution channels
  • Give fast response to market demands with innovative, flexible product design options
  • Authorize policies and process changes and updates quickly and efficiently
  • Increase inquiry processes across the complete policy lifecycle

Incentive and Commission Management

Run profitable sales by optimizing sales force operations, streamlining compensation, and supporting a multichannel strategy.
  • Align your sales strategy with corporate goals
  • Run revenue by defining sales targets
  • Enhance sales revenue by creating powerful incentives for your sales force
  • Improve margins through the sale of profitable products

Customer Service Contact Center

Improve customer satisfaction by connecting processes across departments and empowering agents to provide proactive customer service.
  • Provide full visibility into customer information with a unified data environment
  • Take faster decisions with real-time access to customer, claim, and complaint status
  • Enhance customer service with guidelines to manage complaints and issue escalation

Marketing Campaign Management and Customer Segmentation

Efficiently analyze, plan, and execute all of your marketing activities through each customer touch point.
  • Develop personalized real-time offers through inbound marketing channels
  • Develop strategic campaigns and provide multichannel execution
  • Manage customer relationships with relevant, personalized interactions

Sales Force Management

Allow the knowledge needed to turn customer insight into sales strategies that acquire, grow, and retain profitable relationships.
  • Support tailored products to drive growth and exceed sales targets
  • Enable employees a 360-degree customer view to improve service
  • Provide management track, monitor, and improve employee sales performance

Financial Performance Managements

Explain how to invest in opportunities that allow you to control costs, determine the best strategy, and use real-time data to make immediate adjustments.
  • Make better financial decisions faster using real-time data
  • Collapse your strategy across all levels of the insurance organization
  • Delegate accurate costing information to make informed decisions

Accounting and Financial Close

Comply with evolving international accounting standards - while producing accurate quarterly and annual financial reports.
  • Accommodate and control all of your financial information
  • Develop financial and management reports that instill confidence
  • Globally track all of your data across languages and currencies

Rapid-Deployment of Insurance Sales Management

Allow agents to gain comprehensive, real-time insight into customers, using a Web-based cockpit for managing sales and complying with established regulations.
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