WTM first Webinar conference on 1st April 2015

March 31 2015

Our first online conference focused on WTM product SalesGrow CRM. This specific webinar is scheduled for beginner CRM users and those who are not familiar with CRM systems.


Join us on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 4:00 PM IST for an online demonstration of SalesGrow CRM.

During this webinar we will discuss on many topics.

How can you increase your business revenue with SalesGrow CRM Software.

CRM can help you expand your customer base through referrals.

How SalesGrow CRM can help you Grow your business.

Why do you need a SalesGrow CRM?

Our sessions start with an overview of SalesGrow CRM. Be a part of the conversation and join live webinars.


WTM helds first business conference in new office placed in African country Ghana on 20th March 2015

March 21 2015

We organized businees conference in Accra city, Ghana on 20th March 2015.

The aim of this conference was to provide new and better business oportunities to Ghana industry.


WTM and its partner did confrance on WTM new office opening and WTM products like SalesGrow CRM, HRM etc.

Many businessman attendent it and had long discussion over the use of a software product in a business industry.

We discussed how a software product can increase our business revenue and Grow a businesses.


Customer relationship management (CRM) can help any busineness to manager their customer in better ways. It can close deals in less time, save precious employee time and increase overall sales revenue. Traditional paper work is too tedius and complex to manage office work. Technology can be a solution to overcome these business problem.


SalesGrow CRM is an on demand fully customizable sales and marketing software with inventory management can manage your complete business in effective way.

SaleGrow CRM is and reliable software, SAAS cloud or local server can be fit into any industry type and can full fill the whole CRM requirement.




WTM new office opening in western African country Ghana in Accra city on 1st March 2015

March 17 2015

WTM launches a new office in western African country Ghana,in Accra city on 1st March 2015. Ghana is a major western African country with a solid growth track record. Ghana is the first Anglophone country where WTM  has opened an office.

We are implementing enterprise resource planning application, customer relationship management software, retail management software,human resource management software,payroll management software,business automation software and other.


WTM’s new office in Accra,Ghana manages our sales, marketing and development.Its a new opportunity for us to work in a leading western African country.WTM offers best product in african country Ghana as a result of a growth in both clientele and resources, and to further support its local ambitions.


The Accra Ghana office will allow WTM to cater specifically to the needs of existing Ghana based clients as well as provide room for further expansion.

WTM's country head Mr.David manages new office in Accra Ghana. He said "WTM continues to expand our local presence into key geographies across the globe. Our new Accra Ghana office is a key next step in this process and allows us to focus more closely on, and better serve, our important customer base in the African country.


WTM Office Automation going live in market for people doing small,medium and enterprise business on 10/01/2015

January 10 2015

WTM Office Automation global mission is all office and business become paperless and more producative.

WTM Office Automation is a concept smarter way of doing business.

WTM Office Automation selling live in market for use on 10/01/2015.WTM looking more spread of product for people advantages. WTM Office Automation
 started with office automation solution CRM,Sales,Marketing,Human Resource,Payroll management. we looking to add more product like Email and communication,
inventry,asset,fiance and more.

see overview of WTM Office Automation.


  • Office Automation is software application is used for automated your business and office.
  • Office Automation is a concept of how take more productivity benefits of your business with this software technology.
  • Office Automation software system simplify customer relationship management (customer relationship management-crm software), sales and marketing tracking ,sales team management system, human resource management solution, payroll management solution and many more.
  • Office Automation software better run your business line of business of Customer relationship management system, sales and marketing management system, human resource management system, payroll management system and some more software application used in office to simplify all line of business process in any office.WTM Office Automation software built for any kind of business industries. It suit in all industries globally.
  • Office Automation software concept system is smarter way of doing business.

get enjoy WTM Office Automation in your office.




WTM Innovate the new software product for better run your business and your office. It is WTM Office Automation software product. launched on 08/12/2014

December 09 2014

WTM IT Limited launched its new and best product brand name WTM Office Automation on 08/12/2014 dated From Mumbai, India  for all business from enterprise business to small business.

WTM now giving a best Software IT product for your business. Its best software product to better run your business  productivity. It’s a WTM Office Automation software product.

By using this product you can manage your entire business and office automation system.

Your all business going very simplify. Your company going very productive

We see how is helpful for your business and office system.

Customer relationship management system- -any office manage all their customer database activity and their all tracking system. Manage all history and full cycle management system of customer.

Sales tracking system--you can manage and track your all sales activity and sales team.

Marketing automation –your entire marketing going more dynamically. you get all business intelligent system report for your better marketing management.

Human resource system and payroll management system.

All document going digital for better use its called document management system.

Inventory and asset management system.

Communication tool like business enterprise email, file sharing and communication system.

Financial management system software solution.

WTM Office Automation is your complete solution partner product that full fill your all office business need.

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