Payroll Management System

WTM Payroll Management System is a powerful solution, accurate, compliant and functionally rich software is crucial to any business. Allowing you to automate your payroll system from multiple locations, and with unlimited numbers of employees. We offer an integrated international and global WTM Payroll Management System providing many strategic and synergistic advantages, including providing economies of scale, alignment of global resources, global methodologies, performance metrics and the advantage of group reporting.

WTM Payroll Management System will manage end to end Payroll of your company which includes processing of employees? salary, generating all statutory and compliances reports, and managing transfer of salary to bank accounts of employees. All you have to do is to send payroll inputs of new joiners and resignees, along with details of variable payments like incentives, bonuses, etc. for existing employees. You can either send these payroll inputs in an excel sheet via email or upload the inputs directly in WTM Payroll Management System from your customer self-service login. After receiving the payroll inputs, WTM Payroll Management will calculate salary of your employees and send all payroll, statutory, and compliance reports along with bank transfer statements.

  • Multi-currency wage payments.
  • tax equalisation agreements.
  • pre-contract and pre-assignment tender planning.
  • host and home country compliance and advisory services.
  • Global metrics and reporting, providing decision makers with accurate global information
  • Scales rapidly to handle small or large databases of employees and transaction
  • Takes care of legislative compliance details.
  • Automates payroll functions from multiple locations but reports over one database, one source of the truth..
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