Service Lifecycle Management

The recession changed a lot of things in the business landscape for manufacturing companies. Financial crises and uncertainty reduced the ability of their customers to fund capital expenditures. But as companies reduced their capital expenditure they started looking towards increasing the life of their assets by various means. They are also looking to transfer greater risk to their suppliers giving a major boost to alternate business models such as outcome based pricing, where in place of products solutions are getting sold and business outcomes delivered.

In this situation "After-Sales Service" can create a strong, alternate revenue stream for the manufacturers. "After-Sales Service" is also a very profitable revenue stream; various estimates put the margins from after sales between 3-6 times the margins from product sales.

Although Service Business is very different from the products business. To support the new business model, WTM Service Lifecycle Management solutions offers an integrated platform for post sales service management. The service lifecycle management system reduces risks and improves investment returns by offering the complete post sales service 'as a service'. By using advanced analytics and best in class processes and technologies we guarantee improvements in our customer's service business.

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