Innovative Changes

WTM's industry leading solutions are your metals and mining business best bet to achieve growth, efficiency and maintainability.

Run primarily by large scale industrialization, urbanization of emerging economies and advances in consumer technology, we are witnessing the biggest boom in the global mining and energy industry in the last few years. This demand for metals and other mineral resources is predicted to continue in coming decades as more and more nations join the growth story.

To fulfill the expected demand, the industry faces several supply-side challenges which includes:

  • Decreasing grades of known resources
  • Enhanced remoteness of deposits and the associated safety and cost issues
  • Increasing nationalization of resources, particularly in emerging countries and regions
  • Evolving regulations and regimes including fiscal, environmental and business conduct in general
  • Rising input costs
  • Higher capital costs needed to bring supply to market

While the industry has always been rather volatile, many of the issues are new to the natural resources sector; consequently the industry is now faced with a transformative set of challenges for the future.
In the wake of these changes are several significant shifts prevalent in the industry:

  • Increased demand for 'end-to-end' visibility and control of mine operations and planning, including life of mine planning, MES, and management of equipment and other critical resources
  • An increasing necessity to embrace and accelerate automated and robotic mining methods
  • An ongoing need to improve workforce management, safety, health and social responsibility
We provide strategic processes, solutions and expertise to help our customers:

  • Accelerate deployment of capital projects
  • Enhance exploration data management and analytics
  • Maximize efficiency with end to end operational solutions
  • Address health, safety, security and environment issues
  • Transform businesses with enterprise solutions