Human Resource Outsourcing

The WTM BPO Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) practice combines global sourcing and delivery capabilities to offer flexible and cost-efficient solutions for acquiring, administering and developing talent.

Our componentized HRO offerings enable customers to embark on the HRO journey easily and realize benefits promptly. Through our transformational expertise, our customers save up to 40% on operational costs and enhance productivity by up to 30%. Our suite of innovative tools measure and improve HR/ business metrics.

We serve clients from our global delivery centers in India, US, Canada.

WTM Business Platform for HRO
WTM platform-based solutions help customers migrate to a pay-as-you-use, transactional model with best-in-class technology and processes. The WTM Business Platform for HRO realizes value without huge investments in technology.

HRO Service Packs
Our HRO service packs are short-term projects that deliver tangible value within a specified period. They have pre-built solutions and transitions that realize Return on Investment promptly. The sample packs solve common HR issues by leveraging industry best practices, with minimal time and effort from stakeholders.

Hire-to-Retire Business Platform
The role of HR in organizations is shifting from delivering operational excellence to strategic partnership. The changing business environment, increasingly driven by disruptive shifts in the global economy, demands that customers have quick access to information to help make better business decisions. While technology can help, most organizational buyers are baffled with the rapidly changing technology landscape. The pace of product consolidations is making the buyer feel more inclined to 'rent' than 'own' and to let the service provider determine the system it runs on. Organizations need a complete, integrated solution - one that will manage technology and improve operational efficiency using standardized processes and best practices. The 'WTM Hire-to-Retire (HRO) Platform' enables clients focus on their strategic business opportunities and revenue generation through outsourcing of multi-function HR and Payroll functions. The platform encompasses best-in-class processes, using a leading best-of-breed solution at its core in a fully hosted and managed environment. It provides clients with a scalable IT infrastructure that is offered as a multi-tenant model to achieve economies of scale and size.