On Shelf Availability

Providing real-time alerts for out-of-shelf situations

In todays competitive business atmosphere , one of the biggest challenges retailers face is the task of effective inventory management. Retailers can be burdened with lost sales opportunities because of an out of stock situation or because of the inability of the store associate to locate the item quickly.

WTM's this area provides real-time visibility to on-shelf inventory situations in retail stores, and enables store associates to take immediate actions to prevent lost sales.

By using WTM's this solution, retailers can analyze patterns of out-of-shelf situations after the fact to efficiently prevent them in the future. With the On-Shelf Availability Store Associate mobile application retailers can display real-time alerts for products that may have on-shelf availability issues.Store associates in different departments can respond to these alerts quickly by either refilling the shelf with products or triggering follow-on activities.

The WTM provides following benefits:

  • Optimized on-shelf availability for the retailer
  • Improved customer satisfaction and sales
  • High transparency of on-shelf availability situations for regular and promotional products
  • Efficient prediction of on-self availability issues